Circle Up People, the future of Google Plus depends on it

Forget the debate for a moment on what Google Plus is right now. Let’s assume Google+ has the capacity to do anything, the question is what will it do, and how will users adapt it for their own purposes. Remember when Facebook first launched? No [...]

The Epic Facebook Experiment

For months now I’ve been wanting to do an experiment on Facebook but haven’t had the time. The Daily Beast finally beat me to it with their Cracking Facebook’s Code article yesterday, which shows essentially:

If you don’t have a lot of friends, you won’t [...]

The Social Side of Sundance

Last year I attended the Sundance Film Festival for the first time, and was struck by how much I relied on fellow festival goers to decide which films I should go see. So I returned this year with the intention of diving into the role of social media in independent film-from the FestivalGenius rankings to Facebook page, Twitter hashtags to Kickstarter funding. [...]

A Social Media Measurement Plan

Measuring social media is hard. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by minutia, there’s yet to be a measurement site that even comes close to adequately tracking people & content across social media platforms, and there are no standardized benchmarks to know if 43 (fans, comments, @mentions, whatever) is [...]

Theatre & Social Media: TCG 2010

The Theatre Communications Group 2010 National Conference wrapped up last night. I heard word it was the largest in the conference’s history, clocking in at just under 1,000 attendees. A sizable chunk of those folks live tweeted several breakout sessions, mostly under the #TCG2010 moniker. [...]

A Rant Against Facebook

Ok, not Facebook per se, but a rant about theatres using social media inauthentically. I get it, you’re busy, there are a lot of social media platforms, and you’re not exactly sure which one(s) are worth your time. So, you decide to link your Facebook account [...]

Facebook Connect: From Fans to Ticket Buyers

We’ve all lamented how difficult it is to tie social media engagement directly to ticket sales. Then, in walks Facebook Connect! Ok, so FBC has been around for about a year, but I think at least a few theatres (and

Theatre & Social Media in 2009

A look at where non profit regional theatres stand in the world of social media in 2009. The final research report to accompany my Social Media Strategy Recommendations for Yale Repertory Theatre. The good (hello, Facebook!), the bad (why are we still [...]

KCRT: the story of a Facebook Fan Page

Kansas City Repertory Theatre made the #2 spot on my list of Facebook Pages of highest average returns relative to their LORT peers. So I thought I would take a closer look at what they’re doing, how their fans are responding, who their engaged fans are, and what [...]

Facebook ROI: a study of LORT Theatres

Trying to measure an individual theatre’s impact (user engagement) versus effort (theatre’s own actions) relative to the field at large to see who’s getting the most bang for their buck on Facebook. To my delight, some unexpected names showed up at the top of the list. Excited to [...]