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Sundance 2012 & Social Media: What’s a Filmmaker To Do?

With 9 days and counting until the 2012 Sundance Film Festival kicks off, how are films using social media differently this year compared to last. If you’re a filmmaker and haven’t started using social media to promote your film yet, what should your priorities be in the next week? […]

Crowdsourced Voting: Modeling User Behavior with Math

The Nonprofit Technology Conference uses crowdsourced voting (plus a panel of experts and NTEN staff) to determine which panels to host at their annual conference. As I was perusing and voting on panels […]

The Epic Facebook Experiment

For months now I’ve been wanting to do an experiment on Facebook but haven’t had the time. The Daily Beast finally beat me to it with their Cracking Facebook’s Code article yesterday, which shows essentially:


Location Based Social Networks and the Arts

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I’ll be teaching a workshop in a few weeks on Location Based Social Networks and the Arts in San Francisco. We’ll be chatting about Google Places, Yelp, Facebook Places, and Foursquare. I know there will be […]

The Social Side of Sundance

Last year I attended the Sundance Film Festival for the first time, and was struck by how much I relied on fellow festival goers to decide which films I should go see. So I returned this year with the intention of diving into the role of social media in independent film-from the FestivalGenius rankings to Facebook page, Twitter hashtags to Kickstarter funding. […]

#SupplyDemand: It’s all a matter of perspective

Ok, I can’t resist. I know you haven’t heard from me in months and months (I survived an 80 day trip around the world btw! More on that coming soon), but I wanted to submit a few thoughts on the February 1st, 2011 | Category: Deep Thought, Graph | 22 comments

Advertising ROI: a case for Facebook Ads

In a previous post, I shared the NYTN advertising budget breakdown. Today on Twitter I let a few interesting tidbits drop about how successful/not we were finding each of the methods of marketing, advertising and public relations, and enough interest was stirred that a […]

A Rant Against Facebook

Ok, not Facebook per se, but a rant about theatres using social media inauthentically. I get it, you’re busy, there are a lot of social media platforms, and you’re not exactly sure which one(s) are worth your time. So, you decide to […]

Foursquare’s (Lack of ?) Growth

There’s no doubt Foursquare has grown substantially since the last time I posted data about them in January. In the first three months of the year (Jan 11 – Apr 11), at LORT theatres:


Foursquare’s Ubiquity

Foursquare might just be the next Twitter. My initial research focused on social media platforms Yale Rep […]