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About Me

Devon Smith is currently the Director of Social Media for Threespot, a digital engagement agency in DC primarily serving nonprofit and governmental organizations.

She holds an MBA from Yale School of Management, an MFA in Theatre Management from the Yale School of Drama, a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington.  She’s worked for nonprofit organizations across the country, primarily in the arts & culture sector, often having to do with digital strategy. She loves strange maps, obscure excel functions, ciao bella gelato, heteroscedasticity, traveling in tuk tuks, and The West Wing. Wanna see her resume?

And those photos you see scrolling across the header? Not some random istock filler. They’re all photos she’s taken in the past 3 years somewhere in Greece, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Mexico, Grand Caymen, Jamaica, Peru, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, or Australia.

She’s spoken at conferences:

And given workshops:

Occasionally people interview her:

Or mention her research in their workshops:

  • Social Media for Entertainers (Jason Sem)
  • Social Media for PR Basics (Peter Kuo)
  • Using Social Media to do More with Less (Beth Kanter)
  • TCG Leadership Teleconference Call-Using Social Media Strategically for Theatre (Beth Kanter)
  • Portland Theatre Marketers Roundtable-Facebook Marketing for Theatre Companies (Cory Huff)

And she generally likes PowerPoint. A lot.